Thursday, November 4, 2010

Saying Goodbye

We are saying “good-bye” this week.   We are so glad that we will have good memories to take home.   
Good bye to a  dedicated, hard working PEF Staff.   We have learned the ins and outs of The Perpetual Education Fund—an inspired program.   We have learned knew skills and have done things that are very hard—at least until we do them.  Then they don’t seem as bad.  The staff at the PEF Call center is the greatest. 
Goodbye to our ward family—Benemerito 8th Ward.  They made us feel at home.  We will have memories of teaching Sunday School, friendly chats, and Mary Ann being made to feel included even though she didn’t understand a lot of what was going on, visiting and home teaching, and get-togethers.

Goodbye to a wonderful English Class at Instituto Arbolillo!  One of the high points of our mission.  We love these kids!   Always a highlight of the week.  We will miss the singing, the games, and the talking and the growing close as a class.  We had a lot of fun. 

Goodbye to good friends.  We are glad to have fun memories of adventures in discovering the ins and outs of Mexico City— of long but interesting bus rides, of crammed Metro rides, of getting stuck in traffic on top of a double decker tour bus, of  tranjeros and the mariachi singers in Xochimilco, learning a bit of history at Chapultapec Castle.  It’s been fun to do these things with friends.  They’ve been adventures.

Goodbye to perfect weather.  We have no need for furnaces or air conditioning her in Mexico City.  The weather is a gift every day.

Goodbye to Benemerito and our little apartment.  Here we will always have good memories of Jeff doing the dishes and me, reading aloud a book borrowed from the English Department.  We will have good memories of the daily “Buenos dias” from the security guards, the gardener, the students, and our neighbors. 

Goodbye to Mexican Food.  We love it! 

Goodbye to a great mission assignment.  We’ve been very blessed.  We love the people here.  We know that we’ve grown here.   It’s been great to do it with a great companion!   

Goodbye Mexico! 

We are so blessed.

Note: We are leaving Monday, Nov 8 early in the morning and driving to Tampico. On Wednesday, Nov 10, we will drive to Texas. Nov. 11, Thursday, we will arrive at Anna Min’s in Amarillo. We will go to Gallup on Nov. 13 and will be there for a few days. We look forward to being with family for Thanksgiving at Anna Min’s.

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